Google Pixel Book Review

Google Pixel Book Review

As the technology is going to be advanced, Google had launched new Google Pixel Book commonly known as Chromebook. Actually , it is a type of laptop having great features in it.

So, lets start with display

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So you would love to see this awesome laptop having a bright and vibrant and the colours are not over saturated. It is quite expensive. Screen quality  can break your imagination.It is having a 12.3 inch panel with a 400 needs of brightness and 2400 x 1600 resolution. It is bright enough to work comfortably in direct sunlight. You can show off while you are having coffee in a shop or you are having any party with friends. The Chromebook has an aluminium body, with silicon padding surrounded. It is so hard and rigid that it is too difficult to break it. The only demerit of it is it gets dirty and stains vigorously because of white silicon coating. It’s weight is about 2.4 pounds and it is 0.4 inches thick. It is also having touch screen.


Other Merits Of Pixel Book

It is convertible to a tablet  and its keyboard buttons are so soft , rubberized and textured. The working area is large enough to move the cursor efficiently.

The Pixel Book comes with a 7th Generation Intel core i5 processor and 8 gb ram with a internal storage of 128 gb and it is also expandable to 256 gb or 512 gb. And its ram can be expandable to 16 Gb and processor can be switched to I7.

Google Pixel battery life is very good and charges pretty fast. google claims that for 4 hours after just 30 minutes of charging. And can be able to run for 7.5 hours after 1 hour charging .

The operating system of Pixel Book is so light that it boots up in just 5 seconds and it makes our workflow smooth and comfortable. It consists of usual browser,shortcuts and softwares but As you know Google is innovative , so now it also supports Android apps. Million of android apps can be installed in a chromebook and some of the inbuilt apps are Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, and other pairs of exciting softwares.

It is very much stylish and innovative, consisting of various new features. We can say, it is the next step for a new generation.


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